What am I doing now?

Updated February 25, 2024 from my home in Raleigh, NC 

Dear Reader,

Season 2 of the Love Notes podcast is out now!

The 3rd story is coming out this week, I’m writing the 6th story, and I’m tired. 

I want this season to be bigger and better. I want more people to see the stories. I want the project to succeed.

I even started a weekly newsletter to build an audience.

That means more work for me.

More writing, more revising, learning new skills, and exploring new platforms.

It’s fun but I tend to get carried away. I’m overextending myself. I need to focus on what’s important: the writing.

I started this project to improve my writing and learn new skills. And it’s happening. I’m learning so much but I can’t do it all at once.

I need to go slow and steady.

I’ll report back once I’ve mastered the art of email marketing.

Your friend,