What am I doing now?

Updated January 16, 2024 from my home in Raleigh, NC 

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year!

I’m glad the holidays are over. My social battery was getting dangerously low.

I’m hibernating for the rest of the winter. No traveling again until March. Just rest and recovery.

I’m still working on the Love Notes Podcast. The second season starts on February 13.

I want the stories to feel more complete this season. Most of the stories in the first season are moments. Meet Cutes. Slice of life scenes taken from an overarching story.  

This season I want the stories to have a plot. A beginning, middle, and end. I want the stories to feel satisfying like the fullness you feel after finishing your favorite meal. This means the stories will be longer with more context and characters more developed.

I’m editing the first 4 new stories as we speak.

Wish me luck.

Your friend,


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