The Dolls

When she receives two magical dolls for Christmas, a preteen girl is forced to face her fears before evil spirits destroy her family.

Message in a Bottle

A young man finds his childhood crush: A married woman who is twice his age with a beautiful daughter who is the opposite of what he thought he wanted.

All That’s Left

Best friends, business partners, and deep space explorers, Ceaira and Grazer are forced to reevaluate their friendship when a near-death experience uncovers their mutual love and affection.

Humble Pie

Lila finds out her best friend is in love with her and now she has to make a choice.

Welcome to the DMV

Sparks fly when two former BFFs rediscover each other in the worst place on Earth, the DMV.


Two heartbroken women meet at a cafe and bond over their shared betrayal.


The new girl at Beverly Elementary School bonds with her homeroom crush the day her mom forgets to pack her lunch.


Old friends reconnect at a bachelorette party with the help of bad karaoke.