This is a Love Note.

Dear Jamie

A love letter from an invisible girl to a popular boy.

Tropes – Unrequited Love

Dear Jamie,

You don’t know me but I know you. 

When I first saw you, my heart burst out into a million pieces. I scooped them up and shoved them back into my chest but I haven’t been the same since. Your name is tattooed on my brain right next to Kurt Cobain and Ryan Gosling. Jamie Verdes. 

I recorded you at the talent show last year. When you sang “I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo.”, I wanted to jump on stage and kiss you. I guess you have that effect on everybody. 

I saw you and Stacy at lunch yesterday. You laughed at something she said. You let her play with your hair. It was nice to see you laugh again. 

Would you let me play with your hair if you knew me? Do you want to know me? Do you feel the hole in your life the way I feel you missing in mine? 

We don’t have classes together so don’t bother trying to find me. You won’t see me. You never do. But that’s okay.

From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were special. I felt it. That charm, that devil-may-care attitude, that mischievous smile. People gravitate towards you. You’re gonna be somebody, Jamie. 

No matter what, don’t ever stop being you. 

You’ve been different since your brother went away. I guess that’s why I’m writing this letter. So that you know someone loves you. Someone who has no reason to. Someone you don’t know, who doesn’t expect anything from you. Someone who wants you to know that you matter. You inspire people. You inspire me. 

I know it’s silly to be in love with someone you’ve never spoken to, but I don’t care. It doesn’t have to make sense. Love is the only thing in life you shouldn’t have to explain. It just is. 

Even if you never see me, never say my name, I’m going to remember you as the boy who made me want to sing. You put your melody in my heart, Jamie. It plays over and over again. 

And I love it. I never want it to stop.


Your creepy, weirdo secret admirer 

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