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Jack And Merry

Santa Claus’ daughter becomes indebted to a family nemesis when he helps her out of a jam on Christmas morning.

Tropes – Enemies to Lovers, Holiday Romance, Fairytale Retelling

“I’m stuck.”




“I’m. Stuck.” She tried to pull herself out of the chimney by gripping the crown edges and pushing her feet against the inner walls. Her hips remained wedged into the narrow corners. “Throw some more powder on me.”


“I can’t.” Flint wrung his hat through his hands. His two foot tall frame balanced on the narrow ledge where the two sides of the A-frame roof met. “We used what was left to get in. This is the last house. That should’ve been enough.”


“Well, it wasn’t!,” she yelled through gritted teeth. This is just what she needed. Her dad finally gives her some responsibility—two countries to deliver to—and she gets stuck in the last house. Classic. She’ll never hear the end of it.


“Flint, hurry to the North Pole, get some powder, and get back here. Quickly.”


“You got it, boss!” He jumped into their two-seater sleigh and snapped the reins to nudge Birdie into flight.


“And don’t let anyone see you!”


Flint was gone two minutes when she felt a cold wind nipping at her nose. The breeze swirled around her, faster and faster, until it crystallized into a tall, pale man in a blue suit trimmed with white fur.


She glared, “Jack.”


He smirked, “Why if it isn’t little old Merry Claus.”


“That’s Merry Christmas Claus to you.”


“And a merry christmas it is! For me anyway. Looks like you’ve got yourself in a jam.” Snowflakes fell from his spikey white hair as he threw back his head to laugh. The sound of his amusement grated on her frayed nerves.


“Go away.”


“Didn’t your father cover chimney climbing in Santa Clausing 101?” His icy blue eyes twinkled with undisguised mirth. She hated it. 


“If you’re not going to help, go away.”


A smile lit up his face, “Now now, I didn’t say that. It’s getting close to dawn and it is Christmas so I’ll help you out. But you’ll owe me one. And I always collect.”


“Owe you what?”


“A date. Dinner. I choose the time and place.”


Merry’s eyes narrowed on Jack’s casual stance. His lean physique belied his effortless use of magic. He was now laying against the roof, using his magic to keep him from sliding right off. His face was more angular than she remembered. Gone was the cherubic baby fat of their youth. It was replaced with a pert nose, sharp cheekbones, and eyes that could cut glass. His hair was longer on top so that his pale fringe brushed his eyebrows. 


Could she trust him? He was a Frost. They were prone to mischief and deceit. Things didn’t go well the last time a Claus did business with a Frost. Did she even have a choice? The sun was peeking over the horizon and Flint was nowhere in sight.


“Fine. Lunch. But I choose the time and place.”


“Deal.” His smug grin gave her pause but it was too late. A deal between magical beings might as well be sealed in blood. Everything would be fine, as long as her father didn’t find out.

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