This is a Love Note.

Modern Dating

A successful Bumble swiping session from one woman’s perspective.

Tropes – Strangers to Lovers, Meet Cute

Too skinny. Swipe.


Too muscle-y. Swipe.


Oh, this one has a dog. It’s so cute! Ha ha, it’s wearing a hat. Too bad this isn’t an app to match doggies to their one true owner. Swipe.


Hm, nice suit, but who’s that girl on his arm? She’s too pretty. No thanks, I’m not competing with that. Swipe.


‘Chief Inspector at Your Mom’. Well. At least he has a job. Swipe.


Okay, this one’s promising. Cute face. No gym selfies but he’s clearly fit. He ran an Ironman last year. Wow. I can’t even run down the block. Swipe.


Hello there, Average Joe. Pineapple on pizza is not a controversial opinion. Everyone knows pineapple belongs on pizza. Swipe.


No hair. Swipe.


Too hairy. Swipe.


Ugh, fish pic. Swipe.


Mountain. Swi—Wait a minute. I love hiking. 


‘Going to Greece this summer, any recommendations?’ Yes! Greece is amazing. Kavala is to die for. 


Aw, he cosplays. How cute. Wonder where he got that sword? Looks super real.


‘Dating me is like…snuggling on the couch wrapped in your favorite blanket on a rainy day with a hot cup of cocoa, while reading your favorite novel for the third time.’ Aaawwwww. 


Like. Matched!


‘Hi Stranger, that’s a big sword you’ve got there haha…


Hmmm, I bet…


Yeah, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. The movies, not the books…I love reading. They were just too intimidating when I was a kid. Now I feel too old to read them👵…


Lol I’m really into romance novels. Always have been. Back then, I was reading books like Twilight. But I have much better taste now haha 😅…LOL you don’t need fangs but I wouldn’t mind if you fought an army of newborns for me 😉…


I’m free Sunday, after 3?…That works! I’ll meet you at the plaza at 6. Sweet dreams, Eric 😽…


Haha you better.’

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